Medical Support: Operations

Medical Support Operations

On-site Medical Services

Employers are opting to provide workplace clinics. Rizikon is well positioned to provide premium on-site occupational and primary healthcare to our clients in a cost-effective manner. Based upon the need of the client, we establish an adaptable program to meet the requirement. Rizikon has the expertise to deliver on-site healthcare in a project-driven manner. We have defined our services to treat employees quickly, and most importantly, return employees to work in the shortest possible time. Our client market include governmental entities, the commercial sector and the non-profit sector. In partnership with our affiliate companies and combined resources, we have built the capacity to provide programs, processes and systems tailored to fit to our Client’s needs.

International and Remote On-site Medical Services

A number of Rizikon staff know first-hand some of the challenges and risks facing workers in isolated and hazardous locations: poor sanitation, harsh environment conditions, and trauma or injury related to working conditions. Working in an isolated environment can also sometimes include a hazardous commute to and from the site.

One of our strengths as a private healthcare contractor is our ability to create a unique plan to fit any healthcare need at any location anywhere in the world. Our tailor-made plan can include primary care, work-related injury care, emergency response, and a healthcare program. Rizikon has the unique ability to quickly and effectively respond to the needs of the client. Our staff can be a link in support of life threatening situations. The goal is to ensure workforce safety and the integrity of operations.

Medical Support Operations

Construction Site Clinics

Rizikon provides health support services to construction projects. We offer a unique set of resources in support of CCIP and OCIP wrap-up projects, urban and rural operations, skyscrapers, resorts, convention centers, amusement parks, and many others.

Rizikon provides construction sites with trained professional staff and all necessary systems, software, equipment, and supplies. Our staff is backed up by seasoned operations managers with extensive experience. All staff receives oversight and support from physician medical directors. We staff jobs on any schedule to meet the project’s needs, including 24/7. We are flexible to ramp up and down over the course of the project.

At large construction sites at a fixed location, Rizikon utilizes on-site clinics in trailers or other temporary structures. On widespread sites, such as highway, pipeline, and wind farm projects, Rizikon staff uses mobile units.

Rizikon’s on-site staff treats injured workers on-site immediately, following protocols designed for environment, and makes referrals to the appropriate level of care when necessary. Rizikon’s services and its affiliate business units help reduce workers’ compensation costs, avoid unnecessary recordable injuries, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve the experience mod for participants.

On-Site Occupational Health Clinics

Rizikon’s on-site clinics can provide for many general health needs of employees. When operating in remote and foreign territories, arrangements can be made to have these services available to family members as well. These clinics provide critical access to care and more time for patients and providers to interact than in traditional clinics.

Rizikon’s primary care clinics are usually staffed by nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), supported by RNs and other professionals. Clinics can also be staffed by physicians.

Core Clinic Services:

  • Diagnose and conduct initial treatment for injuries and illnesses
  • Physicals, screenings, and wellness visits
  • Assist in management of chronic medical conditions
  • Medication management and education
  • Immunizations
  • Data reporting
Medical Support Operations

Medical Surveillance

Rizikon performs necessary medical surveillance testing and exams for employees, including drug testing, audiometric (hearing conservation), spirometry (pulmonary function testing), respirator fit testing, other OSHA required health monitoring, and new hire/pre-placement exams.

Disability And FMLA

Since most disability and FMLA management programs are employer-specific, Rizikon works with employers to deliver these services in accordance with internal management policies and procedures.

Case Management

Our in house Medical Management services help people recover from injuries in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. Through the early intervention of our Registered Nurses, we identify potential problems and assemble the most effective cost containment measures for the full duration of treatment, minimizing both expense and lost time.

Telephonic Case Management:

  • Greatest impact if used at time of first report of injury
  • Includes three-point contact with employer, injured worker, and physician
  • Assures that the medical treatment plan is developed by most appropriate medial specialist
  • Provides early identification of return-to-work alternatives

On-Site Case Management:

  • Closely monitors ongoing treatment plan for effectiveness, cost and compliance with face to face contact.
  • Confirms appropriate medical treatment
  • Provides early identification of return-to-work alternatives
  • Results in reduction of medical and lost time costs

Integrating With Primary Care

Clients can choose to integrate their occupational health clinics with primary care services. Rizikon provides the training, protocols, and software to ensure successful integration of services while maintaining strict separation of work-related and non-work health data.