Safety: Consulting

Rizikon provides expert safety consultation tasked with providing expert advice regarding the safety of workers in any environment. We offer solutions on how to optimize or improve the safety of the workplace to avoid injury and maximize operational efficiency.

Our safety consultants develop health and safety programs for the client which requires intensive planning and organization. We interact with leadership to assist in the implementation of safety programs based on regulatory standards so that our clients and their workers can achieve compliance and avoid costly financial penalties in the future.

Rizikon consultants perform inspections of facilities in the workplace, identify existing health and safety hazards, and interact with the appropriate personnel to implement the necessary corrections or take the necessary actions. Safety inspections on machinery and equipment helps ensure that they work properly and are safe to use.

Safety Policies & Procedures – Technical Writing

State and Federal regulatory agencies require organizations to have a series of health and safety policies tailored to the hazards of your workplace. Rizikon experts assist clients in the development of individual safety policies or a comprehensive safety manual, ensuring that it includes all of the required chapters plus your specifically-chosen additional chapters covering company safety policies, procedures, protective gear, hazard assessment, safety committees, and more.

Also included are electronic copies in the format of your choice, which allows you the ability to easily reproduce or email copies of the documents and make the files available on an intranet — The choice is yours.

  • Get a 100% turn-key solution for your safety policy documentation
  • Customize with your company name and logo or in a format compliant with ISO, JCAHO and other accrediting agencies.
  • Fulfill OSHA & OHS requirements for your safety program

Safety Assessment: Culture & Strategies

If you want managers and employees to be excited and accountable for safety, and to better integrate safety with the way your business runs, Rizikon can assist with proven, cost-effective methods. Our approach helps leaders identify systemic issues and develop a custom approach to the organization’s challenges.

Our professionals will come on site for three to four days, reviewing processes, procedures and data and interviewing key personnel. Safety surveys or focus groups are commonly used to help determine the current safety culture, areas of strength and those of concern.

Rizikon will analyze the information and develop strategies for clients to consider moving forward. As part of the evaluation process, we will address traditional safety issues of compliance, auditing, staffing and risk reduction, as well as directly correlate safety to organizations operational needs.

We prepare a report for leadership’s review and consideration of next steps. Rizikon is not a service provider but rather a partner who shares your goal of providing a safe productive work environment whereby the needs of the organization, the people and the community are best served.

Human Kinematic Evaluations

Office Assessments

Rizikon is a leader in human kinematic evaluations customized to meet the needs of the client. We approach ergonomics from a risk management perspective – quantifying ergonomic risk, and then developing an implementation plan which includes simple but efficient solutions that can have the most immediate impact on reducing those risks.

A Health & Safety Professional from Rizikon will meet privately with each individual in their designated workspace. Ergonomic evaluation goals will include: improving the individual’s current workstation orientation and postures through on the spot changes, educating the individual on neutral ergonomic postures and opportunities to self-correct, identification of ergonomic risk factors/red flags, and data collection regarding comfort/discomfort status and to identify work tasks & general work habits. At the close of the evaluation the H&S professional will have collected necessary data for report generation, be it a formal write up or a brief synopsis.

Lasting less than 60 minutes apiece, these evaluations are ideal for workers with symptoms, physician issued restrictions, returning from surgery, involved in physical and occupational therapy and those who work in high-risk jobs, such as data entry and materials handling. These evaluations are designed for individuals with registered complaints. As part of the evaluation process, Rizikon will provide a detailed report of overall ergonomic conditions with workstations and work areas, changes made to the workstation and recommendations for future modifications.

Hospitality, Healthcare & Industrial Assessments

Rizikon professionals have developed industry specific methodologies for analyzing, designing, testing and evaluating systems in the hospitality, healthcare, commercial and industrial environments. Our staff assist with addressing complex problems through advanced kinematic methods. Short term and long term recommendations are typically provided.

The goal of any assessment is to improve productivity, quality, safety and worker comfort by making practical ergonomic improvements in the workplace. Primary focus is given to improvements that will have a large impact. Cost justifications (ROI) can support most improvements. Improved performance at work will result in increased worker satisfaction and higher profitability for your company. An effective ergonomics program will improve operational efficiencies and lower lost time and restricted day injury rates.

  • In-depth physical site assessments
  • Service and production line assessments
  • Lean manufacturing ergonomics
  • Equipment, Supplies & Tool design and selection
  • Human Kinematic Assessments (HKA’s)
  • Return to work assessments for injured workers

Comprehensive Site Audits

The Rizikon Environment, Health & Safety Audit Protocol (CEHSAP) is designed to evaluate EH&S management systems. The CEHSAP evaluates a location’s ability to prevent injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents, comply with governmental EH&S regulations and control costs. CEHSAP is based on standards and guidelines most often found in world-class programs. Thus, CEHSAP is used for measuring EH&S management systems and provide a blueprint for world-class performance.

By conducting audits, companies can be assured that established health and safety procedures are properly performed. It is an approach that makes good business sense. The lack of quantifiable knowledge and data can adversely impact business continuity as well as the health and well-being of employees.

Regulatory Compliance Auditing

Auditing systems to evaluate compliance with regulations is especially important because of potential liability issues. Rizikon provides a customer specific set of audit protocols to be integrated into the audit and assesses site performance with respect to the applicable regulations, including state and local requirements.

Corporate EH&S Audits

Audits are structured to assess a company’s performance against its own internal standards. These audits often exceed regulatory requirements and encompass Industry Specific Best Practices. Rizikon can either develop a protocol or use our CESHAP protocol. In addition, audits can be performed by a Rizikon team or a team that combines Rizikon and client personnel.

Development of Effective Return To Work Programs

While preventing injuries is the best way to control your workers compensation costs, when injuries occur you need a plan in place to ensure your employee gets prompt medical care and able to return to work as soon as medically possible. Regardless of the number of individuals you employ, your company can benefit from an effective return to work program.

Rizikon has extensive experience in assisting organizations establish effective Return To Work programs. The goal of the Return to Work program is to establish an organized system which facilitates the safe and timely re-entry of injured employees back into the workplace.

Our professionals will work closely with you to systematically accomplish the four key aspects of a return to work program based on national best practices.

  • Establish an effective “Return To Work” team comprised of internal stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  • Perform Human Kinematic Assessments to understand the true physical requirements of each position.
  • Identify productive transitional work opportunities within your business operations.
  • Develop a written Return To Work Plan which outlines process and protocols.