State and Local

Budget constraints require state, local and special purpose government entities to find innovative ways to reduce cost while maintaining the service levels constituents expect. This means reducing risk, achieving sustainability, improving efficiency, and foresight to take advantage of unique opportunities as they develop.

And while this is a tall order, you can find the help you need from an organization that specializes in governments like yours—one that has both the technical expertise and the municipal industry experience necessary to get the job done.

Our government practice is composed of risk management, safety, environmental, engineering and loss control professionals. All of this gives us the deep resources necessary to not only address governmental projects and operations but also provide the holistic services governments seek to prosper.

At Rizikon we concentrate on providing you the best person to accomplish the tasks that have been identified as priority. We know what they are – because we take the time to ask.

Who We Serve

For decades, we’ve been serving a host of governmental clients, including:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • State agencies and departments
  • Special-purpose governments, including utilities and other enterprise funds.